How to share Traces

This guide shows you how to see a list of the traces you have generated, how to store a trace in a file you can give to another person and how to load a trace file into your local Kolo database.

How to view a list of your traces

To view a list of all traces in your Kolo database, use the kolo trace list command:

$ kolo trace list
trc_01GGCC4XNWHRA9F3FRYGMW112E at 2022-10-27 09:47:15.603 (308.2 KB)
trc_01GGCDEM69YCVA8RZM6P4FMZJS at 2022-10-27 09:47:55.902 (279.0 KB)
trc_01GGCDR19JBEF03KMNF6Q3KC7H at 2022-10-27 09:53:03.285 (874.0 KB)

You will see a list of trace ids and the time each trace was stored in your Kolo database.

How to dump a specific trace to a file

To dump a trace to a file, use the kolo trace dump command:

$ kolo trace dump --file my-trace.json trc_01GGCDEM69YCVA8RZM6P4FMZJS

This will write the trace to the file my-trace.json in the current directory. You can now give this trace file to another person.

How to load a trace from a trace file

To load a trace from a file, say trace.json, use the kolo trace load command:

$ kolo trace load my-trace.json

You can now view the trace in VSCode.